We are looking for motivated people to join our team. We are leading the way in the courier industry; compare what Urgent Couriers has to offer. We are seriously committed to making sure our couriers are viable business people. Your success ensures our success. Most of Urgent Couriers management team have been couriers themselves and understand the value of having happy couriers who are making money.

RECRUITMENT STATUS AS AT 17 December 2017 - we are accepting applications for assessment.


  1. Paid training – we will pay you while you’re training.

  2. Financial assistance – a loan is available to help with set up costs.

  3. Guaranteed income – we offer a guaranteed income for your first three months of your contract so you can concentrate on learning all the skills required to be a successful courier.

  4. Comprehensive training – including running a small business, meeting tax obligations and being a successful courier.

  5. Fuel compensation - to help our couriers be sustainable we’ve introduced a Monthly Fuel Variation (MFV) that we charge our clients for each job they book. The entire MFV % is passed onto our couriers to help compensate for volatile fuel prices.

  6. Trust account – to save your tax in a company controlled trust account meaning no nasty surprises when it’s time to pay your taxes.

  7. Support - the company is owned and run by people who understand what it’s like to be a courier. We have an open door management team for your ongoing support to becoming a successful & sustainable contractor.

  8. Bonus – a monthly financial bonus is paid if you’ve played by our rules.

  9. Free hardware – there’s no initial cost for your device hardware, and no monthly rental fee. This hardware is easy to use technology that you receive job information on, and get signatures with. It’s also a GPS unit so we can use you as efficiently as possible.

  10. Sign writing – we’re the only courier company to pay for the sign writing of your vehicle.

  11. Time off – emergency drivers available to cover you in times of illness, or emergency, and relief drivers available for taking a holiday.

  12. Performance reviews - ongoing performance reviews to help you succeed.

  13. Internet – on-line courier webpage for reviewing daily earnings, monthly earnings etc.

  14. Full service vehicle leasing – through Honda NZ (a fuel efficient Honda Jazz). A great way to start out if you don’t currently have a suitable vehicle.


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